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World of Warcraft

I know Mags is completely hooked, Digital_Ice no longer gets any sleep and that every single alternative character of Liam is a higher level than my main.

World of Warcraft has been dubbed a "destroyer of lives." Do you play? What kind of character, and how far along are you? Are you in a guild? How did you come up with a name for your character?

And, just cause I'm interested, Horde, Alliance or both, and why?

For the record, I play a Night Elf Hunter, I'm currently level 28 and can't wait for feign death at 30. I'm part of the Who Invited You guild. My character's name is Ailionora - for two reasons. It sounds faintly like my name, and it's Gaelic. I'm obsessed with both Gaelic languages from the Insular branch (so both Scottish and Irish Gaelic make me a happy girl). It's the Irish version of Eleanor and means "light," which I like for a hunter. I thought I'd make a pun out of the literal luminar meaning and also use it to refer to the quickness and lightness of a hunter on the hunt. There. I think too much about these things. Don't get me started on my pet's name. Alright then, you asked for it. Cathaoir is my lion pet. He's not just any lion, but The Rake. Multiple reasons for the name. One: it looks like "cat hair," which made me laugh. Two: it means warrior, apparently, which seemed fitting.

All my characters are part of the Alliance as the Horde characters are pretty damn ugly and too evil for me.
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