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In an interview in today's USAToday, Adrien Brody says this about THOSE rumours:

"...While in Glasgow, Scotland, where he just finished shooting The Jacket, Brody had paparazzi staking him out.
That sort of scrutiny is a bit off-putting for the intensely private actor, who laughs off rumors of an on-set fling with Jacket co-star Keira Knightley.

"They said we had candlelit pasta dinners in my apartment. But I hadn't lit a candle, nor was I eating pasta," Brody says. "That's interesting, how they know. I can't help hearing about it, because people talk about it. They bring it to set in the morning."

Knightley, who has a boyfriend, chuckles at the tabloid tales. Brody is "a phenomenally talented actor," she says. "We really got on, and he was completely fantastic to work with. He can tell very funny stories, and he can be serious."

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