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Ooh meggiehoops bless that reminds me of sometime last year i was at a party and we just popped to town and my friend asked these two drunk men for a fag (not for me lol) n one of the men was irish n in his twenties..quite gd looking..newayz as he was leaving he saw me n stopped n was like 'wow your gorgeous' n went on bout me n stuff n i was like 'err.ok..thanks' lol. Anyways i cant particulary remember how it all went but as he was leaving he said 'find me when yuour a cppl years older' n then when he realised i was 16 he was like 'ooh well can i have a kiss gd bye?' n i was like 'er no' n then he kept asking so i was ok ok only on the cheek..but no he tried to engulf my whole face haha.. so i immediately pushed him off n went 'er NO LOVE!'..haha everyone cracked up. but then it was quite weird because when he did that i was bout to shout 'im gay' .. but obv didnt as all my friends didnt know at the time..anyways..random

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