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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Thought it might be. Although I actually liked Once Upon a Time Tomboy! I thought it was a great spoof of the El Mariachi films. Hilarious movie, I've watched it so many times and it's still funny as hell.

I'm not actually a Snakes fan, not seen it yet. But I do like Samuel L. Coach Carter, however, is not one of my favourites. Felt cliched, like Basketball meets Dead Poets Society. On the Samuel L theme, A Time to Kill, have you seen it?
Actually, yeah I loved Once Upon A Time in Mexico, Yes it's funny.
A Time to Kill, no haven't seen it, but WANT TO!!!!

I need to go to blockbuster for that one, the jacket, pure, and once upon a time in mexico (AGAIN!)

I loved coach carter mainly for the fact that i can agree with his character. Besides, i loved Timo Cruz's monologue about fear. My friends and I were wondering if it was something they wrote for the film, if it's a famous thing, or if it's one of his own works, or what? It was good.

ON Topic: Going to blockbuster for pure tomorrow. wish me luck.
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