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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Johnny Depp is my favourite example. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was fucking awful but 99.9% of his films are excellent so I watch them.

Don't feel like an idiotTomboy. Noone was making fun of you.
SOOO YES!!!!!!! Johnny Deppppp! I was gonna say that!!! Another good example for johnny depp was once upon a time in mexico.....
charlie and the chocolate factory scared the little 4 year old i was babsitting. her mom rented it for her, and she started crying because she was totally freaked!!!! I was sympathetic, but I wanted to laugh soo hard!

And, thank you, Haz. Off Topic: Haz, if you're a snakes on a plane fan, have you seen Coach Carter? Another good one by Samuel L. Jackson.... One of my favs...

And, thanks for your input, I'm deff. gonna rent it now. albeit Keiz is an interesting thing to call her, Sandra....
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