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Name: Amy
Age: 14
A profile/summary of who you are: Umm, I'm a nerd i guess. Some of my friends call me a loser, most of my bestfriends actually. I'm always on the computer or talking to my friends on aim, I watch a lot of movies, my life is very boring, I watch the history channel a lot, I love greek mythology, I'm only really mean to one person and she doesn't care because we're frienimes, and I'm very shy and can't really talk to new people unless my friends are around. See, nerd. But really, I don't give a fuck what u think.

Interests/Hobbies: Building stuff like models and crap like that because I have nothing better to do.

Your credit card number and pin: Heh. Don't have one

Obscure/fun facts about yourself: I've been to the hospital for major reasons almost every year since first grade.

Not all that interesting but, oh well.
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