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Originally Posted by Violet
I sometimes do this judging from the types of films the actor is usually in. For example, if I often enjoy the performance by a certain actor and trust that they usually only choose roles that have some depth and interest, then I will perhaps find out a little about the film, but see it based on past experience with the actor.
Oh I'd definitely agree with that. Johnny Depp is my favourite example. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was fucking awful but 99.9% of his films are excellent so I watch them. I actually thought POTC would be crap when I first heard about it, but my mind changed as more information came to light:

Stage one: Keira in a pirate movie. Hmm, interesting.
Stage two: Keira in a DISNEY pirate movie. Why oh why?
Stage three: Orlando Bloom is co-starring. Are you fucking mad woman?!
Stage four: So's Johnny Depp. Hmm, can't be that bad then, can it?
Stage five: Geoffrey Rush too. That's definitely another plus point.
Stage six: Gore Verbinski is directing it. I'm sold.

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