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i went to a public school for seven years but when i started high school i decided to go to a private girls school. being at a girls school has been good i think, some of my friends who went on to public high schools got 'distracted' by all the guys and have now stuffed up in one way or another. the private system appears to be more disciplined but in terms of education i think that's a good thing. the public school i was at was great, if im still living round here i'd like to send my kids there. i think public education in primary school is a good idea - a lot of my friends who i've met at high school came from catholic primary schools and seem to have spent more time doing religous things (like confirmation or something) than learning what they needed to know for high school. i would say their primary education was definitely sheltered - a number of them found high school to be a bit of a shock in terms of the workload and what was required of them. in high school though, i wouldnt say we're sheltered at all and having no guys around isnt necessarily a bad thing, i have plenty of guy friends but i dont mind that i dont see them every day at school.
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