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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice
i've not seen it, but from what i gather, keira's character is integral to the plot, and thus i assume she has plenty of air time.

though why people watch a film for one actresses bits is beyond me, personally, i think it makes sod all difference to the quality of a film. and its the plot etc that i watch them for, but hey, maybe thats just me.
Hmm, while I understand the sentement about simply watching films due to a favourite actor being in it - it does seem quite pathetic - I sometimes do this judging from the types of films the actor is usually in. For example, if I often enjoy the performance by a certain actor and trust that they usually only choose roles that have some depth and interest, then I will perhaps find out a little about the film, but see it based on past experience with the actor. Sometimes I am dissapointed, but for the times that I am not, it is worth it, and for the times I am, I have learnt something new about the actor. But hey, each to their own.
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