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Originally Posted by Immortal
hazzle do you have to fuck up every damn topic of mines?
Do you have to post? No. Do you have to post a thread that was already up? No, because you should know how to use the search facility.

I commented ON topic. So shut the fuck up.

YOU need to stop arguing with the officers (first Mandy, now Foeni). They're actually senior to mods, and deserve your respect as much as any mod. All I was doing was pointing that out. So far I'm being incredibly civil with you. In the same vein, I advise you strongly against stirring up a fight with me.

Back ON topic: CountryTomboy, Mandy's right. She still sounded undeniably English (it's English damnit, British could mean she sounded Scottish!). In parts you could actually HEAR the underlying accent, in others it sounded just like an English person trying to put on an American accent. Which it shouldn't have. You could tell it was an effort, like Mandy said. And Dumbass, have you ever struggled with alcohol abuse? Because I thought she captured that well. So her acting otherwise wasn't that bad. Although that one scene you highlighted was, I put that down entirely to the accent. Acting is both verbal and physical, whilst the physical acting was superb (she convinced me she was struggling with alcoholism) the verbal suffered (like when she orders him out of her house) because of the strain she was putting her voice under anyway in trying to hold the accent. In that scene I thought her face conveyed the character's mood well, but her tone was poor, because of the accent.
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