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Originally Posted by Immortal
Hazzle did you read my post correctly? I simply said i didnt know there was one until he posted the first time.
Err. Yes. Hence why I said by "one" I presume you mean you didn't know there was a search facility? That's what I was getting at. It's obvious you didn't know or you wouldn't be posting another thread. Not unless you were a stupid cunt and we give you the benefit of the doubt on that score.

As I said, someone who's been around as long as you should know the search facility. It's not hard to find, in fact, it stares you in the face. Now if you use it and don't find a thread, and somehow one exists (odd use of capitalisation in titles or whatever) then that's fine, but you really should've known about the search facility. That said, now you know where it is.

Leonie: I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but technically Fo's an officer and as such doesn't "need" a mod badge as he outranks you . He didn't tell you what to do, he asked, and as the officers and mods work as a team, I don't see what he did wrong. It's his job to keep order and maintain the forums, and act as a mod without resorting to using powers. In fact the mods are technically no more than grunts to exert brute force to back up the officer's use of skill and diplomacy

ON topic: Mandy's right, the accent's terrible.

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