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Originally Posted by Mandy

"Yo baby, I've got the WHOLE dictionary tattooed on my dick. So why don't I come over later and put some words into you?"
Eh? Does that even make sense? "put some words into your mouth" makes more sense.

Originally Posted by acliff
'Hi, can I ask you a question? Do you ever get the feeling that going to bars and clubs is ultimately pointless? What I mean is, More and more I can't help get the feeling that what I want is always just before my eyes... How about you?'
Didn't you just blow your question by asking if you can ask one? Does that one actually work, because I swear most girls I know would respond with "Yeah, you just did" and walk off. Then again my friends are bitches...

'Heya, my friends think I would be good for you'
An oldie but a goodie. Ultimately doomed to failure, however.

'Hey, before you get any ideas, lets just be friends'
That actually sounds like it might work. It's cheeky enough without being too crass or cheesy, and it's actually funny rather than trying to be. Also seems more genuine and honest than most. When my lovely girlfriend realises I'm an absolute tool and dumps me I'll be sure to use that. And wind up with a restraining order like every other time...
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