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Originally Posted by NearokA

So why do I love Keira? Well, I love Keira because I get this feeling everytime I look at a photograph of her. I get this feeling everytime I see her smile, and everytime I hear her voice. And this feeling, I don't get it with other girls. I don't feel it when I'm looking at half naked pictures of Elizabeth Hurly. I don't feel it when I'm watching porn stars do what they do best. I don't even feel it for the girl next door. And so what love becomes is a connection that two people share.
Exactly. I mean, i love her, because of her whole appearance.
She's got a nice voice, very good-looking face features and -to me- impressive eyes. I never had this feeling by any other girl, except her.

Might sound crazy, but in a way, there's some kind of connection and security...

and btw: cool signature

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