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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Men are evolutionarily tasked with seeking the orgasm. Agreed. But are women evolutionarily tasked with finding a provider? Again, not meaning to be chauvanistic. I know many women like to provide for themselves, have their own jobs and careers and take a great deal of pride in their ability to support themselves regardless of any male in their life. But deep down does the female attraction to wealthier men come from the evolutionary desire for a provider?

Are relationships merely those two evolutionary desires colliding?
From my reading and understanding, females are evolutionarily and genetically tasked to find 2 types of man, an alpha male and a beta male. A beta male is the provider. The alpha male is the male with desirable genes, genes that ensure the best chance of survival. In the Animal Kingdom, these two types are pretty distinct, with the female fertilising herself with the alpha male, and pretending the offspring is the beta males, so that the beta male will provide.

Moving away from lions and monkeys (but not too much), I suppose in human society, the ability to generate wealth is a survival skill and although pretty far removed from genetics, is very desireable. As physical strength and vitality are less important (unlike the animal kingdom, our existence is not just a matter of life and death, no matter how overdramatic we are feeling) wealth serves the dual purpose of ensuring the best chance of survival and success for children (this is a pretty basic view, of course things like upbringing, external influence are hugely important) and providing for the woman and child. Alpha and beta traits combined.
If a provider is lacking in the genetic qualities that a woman desires they may seek them in another man. This seems unfair, sadly it is a rather shocking real statistic where anything up to 30% (i can't be arsed to confirm this atm) of men may not be the father of their children, confirmed with DNA samples, and differing blood types between father and child.
Imagine the burn if your son is very ill and needs a kidney transplant, and on offering you find out that your son isn't even yours.

In reality, as human society is an hugely complex and highly fickle beast, there is much deviation from this, with things like social acceptance, love, necessity, differing psychological patterns.

If I sound like I'm rambling and don't make sense, its because I've only had 2 hours sleep.
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