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I didn't imply anything. The statistics are there. The person who posted it on the other forum was a woman and the legalised prositution theory was entirely hers, in fact, I just thought it was interesting.

And actually my experience tells me it's about 70-30, maybe even 80-20. Certainly not 100% but definitely skewed.

Oh, and I also found this:

"Getting out and meeting people is certainly an expensive business, with the average date now costing £120, according to research from American Express. The study found men tend to spend on picking up the tab for drinks and meals, while women spend money on looking their best."

Which adds to the theory. And this (which, now that I've found it, seems to be where her research came from as the male spend statistic is identical):

Look particularly at the passage that says:

Men in particular are prone to reacting on impulse: in the first six months of a relationship a man will spend freely on impressing his love interest, clocking up twice the spend of the average woman.

On average, men splash out £1,426 compared to just £740 by women.
The interesting statistic is that after 12 months the 6-monthly spend of men decreases and that of women increases. It's also interesting that if you look at most relationships, the amount of times you have sex per week is less after the 12 month period, and greater during the first 6 months.

Again, it's just a theory, not mine, and I don't think it's ENTIRELY true, but it does hold weight and is worthy of discussion. With the American Express study that women generally spent money on "looking good" that would fit in with the legalised prositution theory. Why else is looking good more important to the woman, and looking wealthy more important to the man?

Men, let's be honest, are shallow and drawn to looks. Women are drawn to money.
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