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Originally Posted by AureaMediocritas
Hear, hear, a reasonable American . Quite an interesting perspective.
May be "reasonable" or "interesting". It's also very very wrong.

The geopolitical rammifications of a "there are enough problems in my own country" attitude have already been discussed. But by all means feel free to ignore those because they don't fit in with your dislike of Bush. It's not like that attitude is why 9/11 happened or anything...

Well put Brad. Glad to see an American understanding why Bush's economic policy is the way it is. Like I said, I completely disagree with his stance on stem cell research, abortion, gay marriage and the like, but I entirely agree with his handling of the economy. Even the Fed acknowledged a slowing US economy by pausing its tightening policy, so tax cuts fit in with this. Few Americans actually grasp how close the US is to being gripped by stagflation (stagnation coupled with inflation) and how tax cuts are the only viable way to deal with a potential recession that could be looming.

Rudimentary understanding of macro economics required.
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