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Oh, and your claim that it was Nagin's responsibility to deal with Katrina is laughable on its face. You obviously are ignorant of how things work here. The mayor of a city is not the one who is expected to coordinate a response to something like that. He would naturally lack the resources. We have a little federal agency called FEMA to manage those things, and FEMA FAILED.
You are so wrong it hurts.
It is the mayor's responsibility to take the necessary measures on the local level. That did not happen. He didn't order a mandatory evacuation until nineteen hours before landfall. I have never, in 34 years of living in a coastal environment, seen a mayor do less than Nagin did to secure the well being of his constituents. His reasoning was that they didn't want to adversely affect the tourism by evacuating, only to have the storm miss the area.
There was no contra flow on the interstates leading out of New Orleans. I recall sitting there watching the shots of people leaving the city and wondering "why are lanes into New Orleans not being used to funnel people out?"
Of course, you are right, it wasn't all Nagin's fault. Most of the blame falls squarely on the, weak and ineffective shoulders of Gov. Blanco. For days, all she could say was "we're in crisis mode" whilst Govs. Barbour and Riley were moving forward with the recovery efforts in Mississippi and Alabama, respectively. The main reason there were too few troops to effectively deal with the situation is that she failed to call out the National Guard soon enough. That's her job, and she didn't do it.
Have you ever taken a gander at the State of Lousiana's plans for just such a disaster? I have. One of the first items it covers is the use of public transit systems to get people in the endangered areas (i.e.: those in the Old 9th Ward) to less vulnerable parishes to the North. Hundreds of buses were flooded where they remained parked because this did not happen! How is it George Bush's fault that these two elected officials didn't do what the state's plan specifically called for?
Was Mike Brown the best guy for the job? Probably not. Is FEMA over politicized? By all means. However, FEMA can only deal effectively with the situation they find when they get there, and I heard many FEMA people remark about the utter lack of preparation they found in New Orleans and Louisiana. Had public transit been used effectively (or, for that matter, at all) we would not have witnessed the humanitarian disasters that occurred when those who didn't get out became stranded.
Does anyone else remember the young man who commandeered (nautical term) the school bus and drove it to Houston? He managed to get roughly fifty people to safety. Just imagine if all the buses had been used in this manner. Fifty people on 250 buses is 12,500. Now, multiply that by the number trips each bus could have made if Nagin had ordered the mandatory evacuation the standard 48-72 hours out, and you start to see a vastly different situation unfolding once Katrina comes ashore.
As far as I'm concerned, FEMA's management should be gutted and replaced with retired military men. They understand moving men and material. Bureaucrats only understand moving paper from one pile to another. However, many of FEMA's "failures" were indicative of serious failures on the local and state level, and the errors and/or failures at those levels simply compound and magnify the problems as the situation unfolds.

Cliff's Notes:
State...bigger clusterfuck
Federal...clusterfuck on top of clusterfuck

Now another flaw I see is this...where do you think Bush gets the money for his war? where do you think he got the money to pay for the clean up of NYC? From our TAXES. He lowered the taxes the wealthy people have to pay significantly not that of the middle or lower classes of our country.
Ahem...what's so hard to understand about this. John Kennedy understood that if you cut taxes, the Federal Government takes in more money. It's simple economics. When taxes are cut, more money is spent on capital investment. Businesses expand. Greater tax revenues are enjoyed from a smaller percentage and the economy is strengthened. Reagan's tax cuts were what got us out of the disaster we call the Carter Administration, and these tax cuts are what have gotten us out of the mess the dot com collapse rendered.
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