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Originally Posted by Leah
Hazzle I never said he didn't have an affect on you I said you didn't have to live under his governing. And another thing, if you had actually read what I'd said about the war you would have read the part about "other country's citizens". That includes yours too. Yeah as a world super power we have a pretty good economy compared to other countries but have you checked out the exchange rates lately? Hello? Your fuel prices are high but you have to recognize the difference in the way our countries are built. London is close together, has an underground, and taxis running throughout. In my country there are very few cities like that. Where I live everything is spread out and we use cars to get every place we need to go. Think about how cost effective it would be to add a subway to a city that spread apart? Thus we use alot of fuel. The US is a market economy, the more we need the more we get. The more there is the cheaper it is. Now another flaw I see is this...where do you think Bush gets the money for his war? where do you think he got the money to pay for the clean up of NYC? From our TAXES. He lowered the taxes the wealthy people have to pay significantly not that of the middle or lower classes of our country. I didn't say there was ONE reason for the flipping war either you just assumed that was the only one I thought there was because I didn't list the reasons. Media soundbites? That's bull. I can SEE, I have family members in the military. I don't need the media to know what happens in Iraq. Do you think that just because the amount of deaths for civilians is low it makes it okay? Do you think gang raping a 14 year old girl and murdering her parents and sister in front of her is okay?

"because you don't live in my country, and you may know what goes on but you don't live under him."

"I don't need to "live in your country" to know all this."

That's funny I didn't say you did.

"so if anyone should feel resentful about being drawn into an "unnecessary" conflict, it should be us, not you."
Excuse me but last time I checked Al Qaeda does not make up 100% of the Iraqi population so why wage war on the soil of a country who does not want us there? If waging a war like that isn't unnecessary I don't know what is. It's unnecessary to everyone involved just because we were attacked doesn't make it any less unnecessary. Enough people died win the towers fell, we don't need more to die over there. Freeing Iraq from the clutches of Saddam? Yay good plan but not when our president has enough problems to deal with in his OWN COUNTRY. Last time I checked Osama Bin Ladden was the one who decided it would be fun to knock down our towers. So what business do we have in Iraq? We're pulling regiments from Afghanistan but...(I'm really not sure about this one) isn't that a plausible place for him to be? Didn't we get news that he was there?

But actually you know what you probably know more about the technicalities of that war and the US economy than I do. I just know what I've learned and how this whole thing has effected me so whatever it doesn't really matter, does it? I know my opinions of him will never change.

Hear, hear, a reasonable American . Quite an interesting perspective.
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