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The truth of the matter is Clinton or Gore probably would've responded to 9/11 with a couple of missiles launched into Afghanistan, and that's it.

You weren't here in this country when 9/11 happened....
I was. And believe me -- people would not have accepted just a few lobbed missles. Everyone wanted WAR. In fact, many people at the time would have been perfectly in favor of nuking someone. I had never seen such bloodlust.

The FACT is that Bush is a shitty president domestically. He's packing the courts with conservative nutjobs, ignoring the environment, allowing the worst elements of society to get away with whatever they want, and mismanaging just about everything but his ranch. His presidency is DAMAGING this country in the long-term.

Oh, and your claim that it was Nagin's responsibility to deal with Katrina is laughable on its face. You obviously are ignorant of how things work here. The mayor of a city is not the one who is expected to coordinate a response to something like that. He would naturally lack the resources. We have a little federal agency called FEMA to manage those things, and FEMA FAILED.

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