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Oh, give me a break, Hazzle....
Bush handled Katrina poorly. It's incredibly obvious. Even hard core Republicans here in the United States will admit that.

I think that if Bill Clinton or Al Gore had been president at the time of Katrina, they would have been working at the White House, observing events as they unfolded, and making sure that their political cronies were managing their respective agencies in an appropriate manner in order to respond. Bush was at his Texas ranch, playing in the woods.

The handling of that entire disaster was shameful. Watching the television coverage of people sitting on rooftops, THREE DAYS after the floods hit, waiting for water or some kind of rescue, was outrageous. Made us look like some kind of second-rate, third-world country. Horseshit. It was a fucking embarassment.

Bush has dealt with terrorism pretty well; but that hurricane was another matter entirely. You can't even ATTEMPT to argue otherwise. And there's no reason why he could not have been expected to be on top of BOTH issues.
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