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I don't have much more to say about Iraq or even foreign affairs for that matter but I agree with Leonie on Katrina and the reaction time. It's a common misconception that New orleans wasn't prepared...they thought they were. After recent storms their levees grew weak and no one knew despite checking them. The people of Lousiana (the majority of them anyways) do have hurricane supplies to sustain them for a while but Katrina came mildly as a shock to the people of Louisiana people didn't think it would be as bad as it was. Those people who were elderly, or didn't have much money, or had some ailment keeping them from leaving the coast and heading north were stuck. Mainly buses came AFTER Katrina hit to haul people away. It is most likely Ray Nagin's fault that he failed to get people out of New Orleans before hand on school buses because there obviously were buses; but even if he had used the buses the gas stations were shut down and the highways out were already at stand stills. So for those people who didn't get out in advance they were seemingly doomed. New Orleans was virtually leveled and because the levees broke at contact they had no way to get the water out. Now heres where I come to Bush. Bush is the president of our country first and last, he is the leader of the world super power and because of that he has to play cop around the world but America did not become a world super power by forgetting about domestic affairs. First and foremost comes our country and our well being. Apparently Bush forgot this commitment. He left the people there for days without food, without water, without medicine for the sick, without a way out. They should have done something.
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