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Originally Posted by haz
Not sure it is. Hurricanes are a natural part of life in the US, Louisiana, given its location, should've been better prepared. As Florida is. It's a state issue, and I think the Federal help given, however late, is a bonus they should get on their knees and be thankful for. It's not Bush's fault Louisiana is so badly run. Equally Bush's other priorities must surely rank above that. A war where millions of lives are at stake, not to mention the potential history-making rammifications of it, must be number one priority. A failing domestic economy must be second. He can't devote his time to a minority who should really have been taken care of by their state.
This is where we disagree. I think it Bush's job to make sure the state takes care of its people. He hadn't. Full stop. Before you go "saving citizens from a tyrant" in Iraq, save your own bloody people first eh? Just an idea.
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