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Originally Posted by deviljet88
@Hazzle: Mainly just point 1...
"Odd that, since the US approval rating in Iraq has shot up and the Iraqi president has thanked the US for freeing the country"
Just wanted some clarification on who runs the approval rating polls and also if they actually have relevance etc. Many a time, one candidate had a majority vote in popularity polls, then the poor guy receives a landslide loss in the actual election.
This was a poll done by the Guardian, I believe. A paper that's been overtly anti-Bush. The same poll showed support for OBL has dropped, not increased, since the war in Iraq. Of course the relevance/accuracy can be overstated but if noone wanted the US there, approval would be 0, surely?

Also, not sure who the president for Iraq is, but do some people claim him to be a puppet, or that's only referring to Afghanistan?
A fair point, it's an opinion, though, and I disagree with it. I don't think I could claim to be right or anyone else could. He was elected by their public though, so he speaks for them. I think what he says holds merit.

"Soldiers and blogs"
Ratio of Iraqis that stayed inside in fear of rebels compared to Iraqis that came out to thank soldiers?
Irrelevant. My point was simply that not ALL Iraqis don't want the US there. Minority or otherwise. Only a minority of Americans want the US there!

Blogs is... I've got a generalised view of the academics and such, not a large majority of people, who can get access to a computer/net and would post their opinion on the medium. Under the impression that they can't exactly tell the whole story for the rest of the country. It'd be like myself trying to comment on how the Australian Aborigines are suffering in the Outback while living in a city...
That's a massive assumption. A lot of these blogs are written by young people, not old academics. Young people who're the future of Iraq. It's actually wrong to suggest that only a minority have access to computers or the internet, or use that medium. It's massively popular in the middle east, and in fact computer literacy in the region is probably higher than a lot of "western" countries.

Originally Posted by Leonie
I didn't mean that either. I meant that in the event of a large number of people losing their homes, their possessions and their pets, he could have sent help a tad quicker. If the reason for tardiness was the lack of priority, then that in itself is enough to fault Bush.
Not sure it is. Hurricanes are a natural part of life in the US, Louisiana, given its location, should've been better prepared. As Florida is. It's a state issue, and I think the Federal help given, however late, is a bonus they should get on their knees and be thankful for. It's not Bush's fault Louisiana is so badly run. Equally Bush's other priorities must surely rank above that. A war where millions of lives are at stake, not to mention the potential history-making rammifications of it, must be number one priority. A failing domestic economy must be second. He can't devote his time to a minority who should really have been taken care of by their state.
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