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Few slightly off topic questions since I'm not entirely willing to be dragged into the actual topic about Bush, what with my entire lack of knowledge of anything political, or to the extent everyonelse claims... Anyway...

@Hazzle: Mainly just point 1...
"Odd that, since the US approval rating in Iraq has shot up and the Iraqi president has thanked the US for freeing the country"
Just wanted some clarification on who runs the approval rating polls and also if they actually have relevance etc. Many a time, one candidate had a majority vote in popularity polls, then the poor guy receives a landslide loss in the actual election. Also, not sure who the president for Iraq is, but do some people claim him to be a puppet, or that's only referring to Afghanistan?
"Soldiers and blogs"
Ratio of Iraqis that stayed inside in fear of rebels compared to Iraqis that came out to thank soldiers? Blogs is... I've got a generalised view of the academics and such, not a large majority of people, who can get access to a computer/net and would post their opinion on the medium. Under the impression that they can't exactly tell the whole story for the rest of the country. It'd be like myself trying to comment on how the Australian Aborigines are suffering in the Outback while living in a city...

@Liam: Stalingrad, don't they generally blame the weather and logistics too for the Axis loss? Plus it's uneven footing ground, one on defense with knowledge of own area and equipped to be at an optimum in it compared to the Germans. Then again, dumbass and yourself swinging off topic about lots of conventional war ranting... Terrorism escapes those bounds, no? "Air power winning wars". If only so in the current situation.

Yep, lots of bullpoop but wanted to ask a few questions. Sorry ^^
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