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Not sure if you want to get into an argument with someone who has relatives LIVING in Russia at present who are studying towards a PhD in Russian history, but anyway. I want to play World of Warcraft so I'll keep this brief.

How is the one man versus seven argument irrelevant? That is exactly the situation. Think back, if you will, to 1942. The Russians were totally outclassed, technologically and strategically, yet managed to break through at Stalingrad and begin pushing the Germans back. This is BEFORE the US got heavily involved in the European Theatre of War, so dont go trumpeting your contribution at that point. I'd ask you to exercise a little common sense when dragging North Korea into the argument; they clearly are little competition when it comes to conventional warfare. China and Russia are very, very different propositions altogether. Both, particularly the Russians, are technologically advanced, well equipped and very well led. The US main battle tank is *old* and is being hastily retrofitted with new equipment to keep it on a technological level with 'the old enemy'. The Russian T-90 and newer tanks are technological marvels, virtually immune to the shoulder launched rockets that plague other heavy tanks. Russian radars and surface to air missile systems (especially the S-300 long range system, known as SA-10 to the west) are widely regarded as the best in the world. I am a firm believer in air power winning wars and the Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29 and MiG-31 are all equal to or superior to the F-15 and F-16, in terms of radar detection range, track-while-scan capabilities, and ability to engage low flying cruise missiles. The Russian aircraft also accelerate faster than the F-15 and carry the formidable R-77 (AA-12) which is so damn good that it is unofficially known as AMRAAMski in the west. The Su-27 and MiG-29 are both capable of passing through zero airspeed without engine damage and operating from rough, hastily prepared frontline airstrips. This is a capability that is not present on ANY U.S frontline fighter aircraft. The next generation F-22 still cannot operate from that sort of airfield, neither can it pass through zero airspeed without engine flameouts. And the next generation Sukhoi S-37 is designed to combine the new technology like thrust vectoring and rear aspect fire control with the ability to operate from the front line. An army without air support isn't going to last long on a modern battlefield (in a war between comparable opponents) and this ability allows the Russian military to be more mobile than its US counterpart.

The Chinese can be considered to have the same abilities on a smaller scale. Any Russian technology they have has been cleared for export meaning the best stuff has been removed but the overwhelming numerical superiority of the Chinese offsets this.

Please note that me throwing my IQ in was only to demonstrate my point about IQ being irrelevant.
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