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Though everything you say is completely true and accurate it doesn't make it okay. I don't think that Saddam's genocide on his citizens was okay either, I think how Bush handled this whole situation was wrong though. The reason people say "none of this happened when Clinton was in office" doesn't mean they didn't know of the terrorist attacks. I'm pretty sure we all remember the attacks on the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. But Clinton handled it better he left fewer people angry and he kept his country as loyal to him as possible. When running a country it's a big deal to keep your country happy. Bush on the other hand doesn't handle the terrorist threats/attacks well because though he may try his best in those fields he does not try his best to do what is best for his own country.
And Of COURSE my views are biased. Wouldn't yours be? If everytime someone left the house you didn't know whether they'd be back again? If in every email they sent they told you about someone they had to shoot? or a friend that died? And that has NOTHING to do with media influence and it doesn't even relate to it because often when the media reports what's happened they weren't actually there, and they didn't actually have to fire a gun.
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