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Originally Posted by Leah
Do you think that just because the amount of deaths for civilians is low it makes it okay? Do you think gang raping a 14 year old girl and murdering her parents and sister in front of her is okay?
Eh? That phrase in isolation seems like you're jumping topic there.

A few fun things for you to think about.
In any war there are going to be civilian casualties, especially if the enemy are using good tactics and hiding their troops in civilian areas, hospitals and schools. What would you do if the entire stockpile of rockets to be launched at your home were 'hidden' under a school in enemy territory, and were going to be launched tomorrow? The US army is doing everything they can to minimise civilian death, and to that aim they are doing very well.

A 'leave them be' attitude against terrorism and insurgency will not work. Even if Al Qaeda are not 100% of a population, where else would you fight them? In Walmart? Ignoring the action of terrorists would work, if they were the type of people who were in it just for the thrill of it. Unfortunately they will keep at it until they are stopped.
Independent of terrorism, we should have just left a genocidal dictator in control of a country where he regularly condemned people to die for opposing him, and torturing the olympic team before and after the olympics if they did not perform well. That is a perfectly suitable candidate for a leader of a country.

I'm sure you'll agree that many country leaders are fucked up. Some are very much more fucked up and dangerous than others.

I'm afraid your complaint about taxes doesn't fall to very sympathetic british ears, as we pay ALOT more tax for everything. Also I'm afraid your comment about your family members in service (I wish them safety and wellbeing from the bottom of my heart) will skew your opinions as much as watching reports on the news.
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