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Originally Posted by Leah
If you don't think Bush is incompetent you haven't been watching. The man is dumb and incapable of running a country...or a toaster oven for that matter. Have you heard him speak? My favorite example of Bush's ignorance is this "Is our children learning?" HELLO how ironic that the president of a world super power can't seem to use proper grammar...or even notice when he's wrong... how ironic that that president, seemingly fighting a war against terror and nuclear weapons, can't manage to say "nuclear weapons" without mispronunciations. It makes me a little scared that my IQ is higher than that of the man that holds my future in his hands.

and how old are you?
how well are you politically informed?

i cannot stand random people who try to slam the president because their friends do or because its the "in" thing to do.
those same people couldn't argue political issues if their life depended on it because they rely on others for their biased information.
it's like going to michael moore for information on gun control...why bother?

that's not meant to be an attack on you, but general people like those described above.
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