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Yes because the war on terror only involves America. British soldiers aren't dying or anything. Believe it or not, Bush has as much impact on my life as yours. Want to know why? A rudimentary knowledge of economics would tell you that as the largest economic power in the world, a poor US economy has a knock-on effect everywhere else in the world. And as a member of the "coalition", my country has been involved in the same wars yours has. Ironically enough, this all began because of an attack on your country, so if anyone should feel resentful about being drawn into an "unnecessary" conflict, it should be us, not you.

The major concerns in the US economy (which I know because I have to study what goes on in your country for the sake of my job) are rising house prices and rising fuel prices. Newsflash: These are a concern internationally. In fact, your house prices and fuel prices are comparitively MUCH lower than ours. Your tax burden is MUCH lower than ours. Inflation is just as big a concern in this country, and many others, explaining why so many fiscal bodies have opted to raise interest rates, including the BOE, which was actually expected to pause. Oddly enough the Fed, which wasn't, did. The US economy is comparitively strong when internationally, every major country (including the US) is entering a slowdown. Even China, which is the fastest growing economy in the world, is slowing down. I don't need to "live in your country" to know all this.

Equally your point about the US economy? Massively flawed. Anyone with a basic understanding of government economic policies would know that they take years to have an effect. The slowdown in the US economy is actually the effect of the latter Clinton policies, not those of Bush, which are barely reaping any effect just yet. If anything Bush's economic and fiscal policies are far sounder than those of Clinton. Cutting taxes has served to fuel the US economy when it's entering a period of stagnation. You were headed that way anyway (economies are cyclical and you were reaching the end of a cycle this year anyway) but actually the statistics show that economic growth has been promoted by Bush's policies. The everyday life you're experiencing comes down to poor policies by his predecessor (who I liked, btw, so this isn't biased).

The hyperbole about an administration based on lies (as if any isn't) and about how America is the terrorist smack of media soundbites rather than sensible thought. And that's not based on your age, but on what you're saying, which sounds incredibly naive, and I'd say so whether it was coming from you or someone in their 20s, 30s or 40s. It's naive to believe the war in Iraq had just one reason behind it, it's equally factually incorrect to say WMDs were the reason for the war. Look back on what was said at the time. There were about a half-dozen reasons given. And some that weren't given (such as the Bush administration containing leftovers from his father's time and perhaps bearing a grudge). See I'm not apologist, I just recognise that whatever the reasons, the result caused will be the right one. Which is all that matters to me.

Bombing innocent homes? Murdering families? Do you even know how low the civilian death toll (caused directly by Allied troops/bombs) was? Most of the deaths happened as a result of insurgency, and yes, whilst that wouldn't have happened under Saddam, most of the same people would've been killed as a result of Saddam's fondness for genocide.

Between what the media tell you and what the government do, lies the truth.
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