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I apologize if this comes off as disrespectful because in reality I respect all of you for your opinions because it's nice to see people who actually have them instead of the normal "I think you should follow someone even if you don't agree with them" or my favorite "You're a teenager, don't care about politics, it doesn't matter." But frankly you don't live in my country, you don't live in TEXAS more specifically. Every day of my life I think about that man because every day of my life I think about whether or not we have enough money to send my sister to college, whether my mom will be able to pay herself this month, whether we'll have to move again because living where we live may be too expensive. I have lived in 5 different houses since the Bush administration went into office because since then our economy has fallen to a deep and depressing low. My opinions of this administration don't come from the media though I do watch the news and it does enforce my opinions. My views come from my own experiences and my own life and the fact that at 15 my level of maturity and intelligence, and empathy exceeds that of my president. Perhaps my president knows about history, or calculus and things I don't know about but don't treat me like a naive child because you're sadly mistaken. My life revolves around president Bush. When I wake up in the morning I may get news that my cousin has died in that "war on terrorism". Don't underestimate what I know about the world or my intellect, because you don't live in my country, and you may know what goes on but you don't live under him. President Bush and the Bush administration is a lie, based on lies, living every day a lie. Every time president Bush says no child is left behind, it's a lie because thousands of our people and other citizens of other countries died so that he could "free Iraq" and "get rid of the threat of nuclear weapons" when in reality that's yet another lie. We are also terrorists because we're the ones bombing peoples homes, raping their children, murdering innocent families for a dream that is a lie.
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