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Originally Posted by Foeni
Leah, how old are you? 15? 16?
It's my experience that most 15 to 16-year olds don't know very much about politics, and therefor have rather extreme opinions about a given political person, such as 'he's the worst president ever', or 'he would make the best president ever' etc. It's the same with our prime minister. A huge part of the 16-year olds run around with their ugly Che t-shirts 'hating' the Prime minister. The change when they learn to see things from more than one perspective.
Who died to make you so wise? I think a 16-year-old can have a well-informed opinion as much as you can. No need to be so damn condescending I think Bush has managed to annoy a great deal of foreign countries, which isn't the wisest thing to do in our current world of extremities and fanatacism. Moreover, he has proven himself to be less than grammatically capable, and sorely lacking in the "quick response in case of an emergency" department. He's not the worst, but he's a clown alright.
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