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I have been at a private school since pre-school. I don't know if the experience is totally worth it. The academics are good, but then again the public schools around here offer the same courses. I have had some awsome teachers and I have had teachers that were not qualified to teach some courses. I guess the *best* thing is here they work you hard, really hard. I have friends at public schools in the sames classes as me but we are doing much more work. I am also ahead of them in some subjects because our school gives high school level classes starting in 7th and 8th grade.

This is the problem with my school: It is an isolated bubble. I would say atleast 90% of the kids that go there are you sterotypical upper class family. I am not gonna say my parents are not well off, but at my school it would seem so because there are plenty of kids who spend money like it is going out of style. (Example: A guy last year destroyed his new BMW, so his parents bought him a new honda.) There is also hardly any diversity. In my grade which is about 110 give or take a few, we maybe have 5 minorities.

I think public school would have been a better experience, but then again I don't have a choice were I go.
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