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Rose-tinted specs

Hey guys,

I was doing the old nostalgia thing looking at the old KKW on, and I wondered - do any of you keep in touch with people who used to post here but no longer do ? So many names came flooding back... Titooy, Oencross, Nistelrooy, JulesPaxton, Spire, etc. Do tell if you know what they're up to.

I can fill you in on a couple, as they have become very good friends and I speak to them every day:

Real name Leanne. She was pretty much the 'KnightleyNews' before I came along. She lives about 20mins away from me in Birmingham. She got a First in Film Studies at Warwick Uni last year and is planning on an MA this year.

Real name Selina. She lives in Nottingham and has just finished a two-year psychology course at Lincoln Uni.

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