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I've actually been looking for that gold one with the pharaoh (sp) (is it a pharaoh head) head in the circle. That gold necklace she wears? I found a few like it, one with a horse inside it, and one with like a queen (elizabeth) head in it. The queen one i found in a stand in Boston when I visited there on vacation, the horse one i found in a catalog, atlhough the name escapes me.
the big green one she wears, similar ones can be found at your local department store jewlery counter (Nordstroms, Bon Ton, JC Penney, whoever)....
Happy hunting. I know these aren't exactly the ones, but they look similar.
Also, if you go to there is a similar looking one to her gold one in the juniors accessory section.
As you can tell, I've been looking for the necklace too!
Also, I think, if you look, there are 4 necklaces there, now that i look harder, that gold one, that green one, that one with the little straight- vial like charm, and then another one that looks like she turned it into a choker.
Eh, alot of ppl are nice on here, no worries...
I'm just glad someone else asked, because I'd always been wondering. I just never bothered to ask, so you're officially like, my hero!
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