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Originally Posted by MeggieHoops
God I could NEVER go to an all girls school. I would kill myself. Although I'm sure I could (sorry that's not meant to sound conceited), I don't date too much, so that's not the issue...but I LOVE my guy friends. It gives life a little variety! And plus, being in an all girls school seems very sheltering. Once you get into the real world there'll be guys around all the time. to explain all that is gracie. i have lots of guy friends, im just really close to all the girls i went to school with, not just a group of them, im not sheltered and im well educated. As poggs says
Andy says:
tell her that you get to shag loads of guys if you go to an all girls school

yes, that about sums it up.
Haven’t had a dream in a long time
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Lord knows, it would be the first time
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