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I was enrolled in a private school (Lutheran, actually) from kindergarten to 8th grade, so for a good 9 years, I had a pretty good education. Unfortunately, private schools - especially parochial types - do not teach their students about the so-called 'real world'. That's where high school came in, where I had for four years an interesting experience, to say the least. Ups and downs, and stuff like that. Then I went to college, where it is a bit more anonymous, and now I am currently waiting to learn my dorming assignment to Berkeley.

I think, in a way, the early years of your academic development have no bearing on how one grows up. Sure, they teach you ethical and moral values in the early days, if you're in a parochial school, but in the end, where you go for high school and college is probably most important - the latter utterly being where all your beliefs and ideas either build a stronger foundation, or falter to a crumbling end. And I've gone to public high schools and colleges, so, if you wish to learn more about the real world and its goings-on, go to a public institution. Private schools teach you plenty more academically, but for me, I'd rather learn about how to survive in this world rather than learn about it.
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