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I couldn't agree more. Though I've never been to a private school in my life, judging from your response... it does seem a little more productive. Having been to a public school all my life (since k-12) I can't imagine going anywhere else. I've met a lot of great teachers and friends along the way... that it's too late to complain. I've never on the otherhand, felt the need to be like most people. Peer pressure, believe it or not, I have yet to experience. Perhaps it's my lifestyle in which I seperate my school life and home life. I have plenty of friends, but sometimes it's some of your friends that bring you down. With collage on the way, I probably won't ever see them again. It sucks, because I choose carefully who my friends are, and the one's I have are the one's I wish I could spend another four years with.

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