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Originally Posted by J.R.
Name- James Richard Taylor(No relation to the singer) but everbody calls me J.R.
Age- 15
Location- Westminster Maryland
summary- I'm a Korean that was adopted and now lives in America with me Mom and Brother. I also have 1 hand
Interests/Hobbies- Video games, Posting on Forums, and Money
An object/thing that describes you best and why- An Empty soda can. Useless
Your credit card number and pin- Card No. **** **** **** **** Pin: ****
Obscure/fun facts- I have one hand
Do you seriously have one hand?

And this may sound terribly ignorant, but, how do you play videogames with only one hand?! I'm intrigued and extremely inspired. But I see your siggy and avatar show characters from RPGs. Are you limited to RPGs?
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