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Don't do fancy dress either. It's not right.

Heh Cliff and Mandeh. Actually I give noone the benefit of the doubt anymore and with bloody good reason. Unlinked photos definitely inspire you to think "fake" because most people tend to take photos as part of a "set" or just have one (for example a graduation photo) that's on its own and post it as such.

Imageshack rather than attachment is also questionable. Either attach them or use something like Flickr or Photobucket where there's every chance the real owner of the photos might find them and say something, if they're fake.

The girl in that picture is pretty, but I will assume they're fake. I think as a rule, if someone is actually pretty, people will assume it's fake, so to prove it's real, they should write "KKW rules" on their breasts and put those pictures up.
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