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Originally Posted by acliff
Hairstyles are quite dependent on how much you have to spend on them. The more money you spend, and the more often, the better it generally looks. Hair cut by a decent stylist looks SO much better than a cheap 5 quid chop. Ask any girl.
Oh I wouldn't disagree with that, but the fact is you have an input into what they do to your hair, regardless. I've got no problem with spending money on things, that's not my gripe with designer clothes. Designer CUSTOM-made clothes are perfectly fine as they're one of a kind. But unless you've got six figures to blow on your wardrobe, you're not going to be able to afford that.

For the record I cut my own hair sometimes. Previously I've wanted it cut roughly and to be fair, even if you ask a stylist to do your hair a certain way, they're still a professional and won't give you what would conventionally be thought of as a "bad" haircut. Except I wanted that. So I did it myself! Also if I want to shave it there's no point paying someone to clip it as I have hair clippers and can do that myself. That was my last haircut, the nice and easy "all off". I'm now growing it back out, but it's probably due a trim soon as it's getting into "styling" length.

I can't help the fact that you're odd shaped. God did you a disservice there.
I'm aware of that. I wasn't blaming you, pointing out the fallacy in your argument. Some clothes makers accept that some people are odd-shaped.
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