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Originally Posted by Hazzle
It's also expressing my personality through my music tastes and hobbies. I think clothes, like your hairstyle, should reflect YOU, as a person, and what you're about. Designer clothes only reflect that you have money, which isn't really a defining characteristic. We've lost the art of expressing ourselves.
Hairstyles are quite dependent on how much you have to spend on them. The more money you spend, and the more often, the better it generally looks. Hair cut by a decent stylist looks SO much better than a cheap 5 quid chop. Ask any girl.

Originally Posted by Hazzle
Not true. I have lots of non-designer clothes that fit better and are far more comfortable than when I tried on designer options. I always check out designer options when I shop and I'm always disappointed. Sizing-wise they're designed as if everyone has the same basic body shape, which is a myth.
I can't help the fact that you're odd shaped. God did you a disservice there.
In terms of shoes, more expensive shoes fit me better despite me having mutilated my insteps by excessive contact martial arts.
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