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Originally Posted by acliff
1. Why not.
Originally Posted by ME
Equally anyone who wears ONLY designer clothes sucks worse because they're an attention whore with not a trace of individuality. Who wants us all to look the same?
This is why I choose to wear a lot of concert T-shirts. For me it serves so many purposes. Like I got a DB10 T-shirt at the testimonial last night, because I was there. I love it, not because it looks excellent or because it feels excellent but because I WAS THERE. And wearing it reminds me of that and gives me that buzz again. Same with concert T-shirts, they remind you of an experience.

The only people apart from me who would be wearing these sorts of T-shirts are a) people who went to the concert too or b) people who bought it from ebay or something (that's the saddest thing anyone can do. It's worthless unless you were there). Even altogether that's a slightly narrower band than everyone, which is the class of people likely to be wearing designer clothes. So I get around the "looking like everyone else" and "no individuality" points.

It's also expressing my personality through my music tastes and hobbies. I think clothes, like your hairstyle, should reflect YOU, as a person, and what you're about. Designer clothes only reflect that you have money, which isn't really a defining characteristic. We've lost the art of expressing ourselves.

2. Comfort - Designer clothes (unless they're overly pretentious) almost always fit better and are more comfortable.
Not true. I have lots of non-designer clothes that fit better and are far more comfortable than when I tried on designer options. I always check out designer options when I shop and I'm always disappointed. Sizing-wise they're designed as if everyone has the same basic body shape, which is a myth.

However assuming you can get past the fit issue, I'll grant you that often the materials used are better (well they should be!) and therefore feel better. And there's the pleasure you get out of wearing snazzy clothes that makes you relaxed and more comfortable anyway.

To me, however, my individuality and expressing myself is most important.
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