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It seems that some people may be posting (spamming) overtime to try and get their post count back up again or something. Also because the forum is pretty empty (compared to the old one) people just keep posting crap to fill it up (and then some people just have no idea). I liked the old forums better because they were firmly established and people generally stuck to the rules.
We need to publicise the anti-spam rules a lot more and have tougher rules for people who break them (I think some people tend to ignore the posts that enforce rules) Tougher moderating could give people a firmer idea of what stands and what doesn't so when newbies come along they learn straight away, but in the early days of the new forum it could scare people away (although scaring spammers away isn't always a bad thing)
hopefully the shoutbox will be a good way to reduce spamming. as for enforcing the rules more, i dont know how to do that apart from tougher moderating.
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