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Keira Knightley hit with verbal barrage

PALMDALE, Calif., July 16 (UPI) -- The city of Palmdale, Calif., may have produced the space shuttle fleet, but two published reports have made it sound more like a wasteland.

The Los Angeles Daily News said the city, known for its aircraft production, was the target of two verbal jabs from British actress Keira Knightley and journalist Jeremy Clarkson.

The first came in a July 6 interview Knightley gave with in which she discussed filming the third "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie in Palmdale.

"It's known for its meth labs, and it's not really the prettiest place on Earth, but apparently they've built some amazing sets there," she said. "So the location isn't going to be the Caribbean or the Bahamas."

That comment was followed by Clarkson's piece last Sunday in which he wrote of his experiences in various U.S. cities.

"Palmdale in California and Biloxi in Mississippi are nigh on identical," Clarkson said. "They have the same horrible restaurants. The same mall. The same interstate (highway) drone." He wrote on The Times of London Web site, "Live in either for more than a week and you'd be stabbing your own eyes with knitting needles."

What the hell? I'm from Palmdale, Palmdale was just a military place for a long time.To talk about a city you dont know anything about and just say it just has alot of meth labs and crap,that's just saying Fuck you, to all your fans out here.. If you think Palmdale is that bad go to Area 51 and see what's out there.
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