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Originally Posted by barrington
Unless the post has been covertly edited, I dont think this chap's exactly raped your mother, Hazzle.
It's not exactly like I said anything that bad to him either. Nor was what I said even particularly directed at this one individual, but the serious spate of people who just utterly ignore the common sense of reading the rules of a new forum you've just joined.

I don't deny I break the rules, and I get punished for it, but I at least know what they are and I'm happy to take the consequences of my actions. The odd thing is, for every person who's quite happy to point out every time I break the rules, the same person will invariably slag me off for doing the same to a newcomer.

Seems to be a slight whiff of hypocrisy in that. You could suggest I just leave if I don't like it but I prefer my way, and equally I could suggest you just ban me if you don't like it. I appreciate the whole "ways and means" thing Andy, but this is my way, and my means, and if they're not to your liking, you have complete control over the situation.

You can give me three days to think about it Baz but my opinion won't change. It's not changed with every other banning I've had, what makes you think this would be different? Three days in the sun sounds quite nice anyway
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