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Originally Posted by Jacoby
I listen to a lot of alternative kind of rock. Indie stuff, alt-country, and some pop bands (not to be confused with boy bands or anything like that)

I have majority of them listed at teh space . . .

And by the judging thing, it's not like the ultimate decider. I find a similar taste in music is the ultimate ice-breaker.

Unforgivable - Good Charlotte. I'll still talk to a person no matter what they listen to, but if I hear them willingly play a song from that shitband, I'm out. If Keira asked me to hang out and listen to a few Good Charlotte cd's with her, I'd probably make up some excuse that I was extremely ill and could not. Or I'd just hang out with her and wear ear plugs.
Well, I guess that's all pretty understandable. And you're right - taste in music is a great ice breaker.
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