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Good discussion guys, especially on The Hole and The Jacket.

Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Then you need to think laterally about The Jacket.
Is Jack Starks an angel, sent to save the lives of Jackie and her mother? Or, is Jackie an angel sent to save Jack? Is he really travelling through time, or is he simply having delusions brought on by the drugs?
There are a lot of films whose concepts get lost between the screenplay and the screen.
Perhaps this was meant as an insult to the film, but I think it sums it up perfectly. I know it irritates some people when the plot is somewhat ambiguous, but I find this often enhances the film. It allows viewer's to interpret it how they like, drawing them into the film much more, and creating a more satsfactory result for most viewers. Maybe the concepts are lost, or maybe they are simply open to interpretation.

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I'm a cynical cunt
Really? You are?!
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