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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Dev...I'm only 5'2/5'3 and Cliff's roughly the same height too. Shorties rule.

You don't fit the stereotypical profile of a Keira fan so I'm curious as to what brought you here. That's not meant to be offensive, just the whole "getting to know you" point behind the thread.
Basically it was after POTC. Ii enjoyed the film, still do. I was watching it once and suddenly realised she was the spitting image of a friend of mine. So to convince her when I next saw her I looked Keira up on the web and there you all were. It seemed like a good laugh so I joined in. I am a fan of Keira, she is very god looking and not bad at acting. I am as fixated as some members here are but the forums are good for a laugh.

If I can convince her I will scan some pictures my friend has on her wall, and believe me you cannot tell them apart. Not some much now that Keira has entered her must conform to LA looks phase but in the BLB days the likeness is uncanny. Especially the older pictures of her in a school uniform in village affair (I think), my friend’s mum has some school pictures of her on the wall in a family gallery and again they look like they were separated at birth. Its like I see KK everyday, not many can say that.

And yes we shorties can take over the world. It would appear that Cliff is the only one who can accept it, perhaps he is skinny also.
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