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Any sexual relationships that I regret? Well I guess I don't really REGRET it...but I do sometimes think that I lost my virginity too young. I was 15...but I was also dating a guy who I was really in love with. I'm also still with that guy today, more or less. We've been off and on for awhile, but generally still together.

As for the whole kissing deal, I have a bit of a story - When I was about 13, I went to a party and we were playing spin the bottle. The guy who I spun the bottle on was SO gross...and when I was leaning in for what I thought would be a little peck on the lips...he was leaning in to completely engulf my lips in his mouth and drool all over me. That was traumatizing man, I'm telling ya. I never wanted to kiss anyone after that, it was just so foul.

Rule #1 of Kissing - Excessive saliva is bad. Don't overproduce it, if possible. If you can't control your drool...please spare us all your kisses.
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