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Bio: I'm 18...I lived in so cal half my life, central valley the other half. I also started playing online poker and all i do is win. I'm also very competitive and people say i'm an asshole some times, especially when its a contest. I'm going to be a first year university student.

interests: working out, eating a lot (4500 calories a day right now), riding my new bike (honda cbr 600), i need physical confrontations (contact sports, boxing what ever...), i love the snow (i was a ski instructor last winter), i love skiing and snowboarding, i love adrenaline,reading nutrition articles and finance/investment books, partying and everything that comes with it: beer runs, drinking, girls, and i love the beach/lake: surfing, wakeboarding, tubing, jetski, waterskiing etc... and rafting

object: a black t-shirt, because i get faded a lot

Obscure/fun facts: I got my ass kicked by a girl when i was skiing :icon_redf we were at heavenly (if anyone has been there, killabrew canyon) and she worked me on that trail. I've never been down it before and after you go down the cliff part theres a small trail surrounded by trees, well i slipped off the trail and got lost. we had our cells though and she met me in the tree area and we took a break then she took a picture when i was laying in the snow and told everyone i fell off a cliff in killabrew canyon and i suck! that bitch

and i admit i like shopping...
If you are not getting better, then you are getting worse
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